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This page contains instructions on how to install the auto nice daemon on your system.
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Installation of AND is done in three steps:
  1. Edit the Makefile
  2. make
  3. make install
While you can install AND as a normal user (supposed you are allowed to write in the target directories), you must run AND as root, because only root is permitted to change other users' nice levels. You can run AND as normal user in test mode, though.

Editing the Makefile

Target directories

You have to specify where to install AND executables and man pages. Most choices are free, except for INSTALL_INITD, which should point to the directory containing the startup scripts for SysV init, which vary between O/S and even between Linux distributions. OpenBSD, being a BSD Unix, does not need the SysV startup script.
# Target directories
Here is a (by no means complete) collection of some popular init.d paths:
  • Linux/Redhat 6: INSTALL_INITD=/etc/rc.d/init.d
  • Linux/SuSE 6: INSTALL_INITD=/sbin/init.d
  • Digital UNIX 4: INSTALL_INITD=/sbin/init.d
Note that BSDish systems do not have a init.d directory at all. Their boot mechanism is completely different. You will have to set INSTALL_INITD=/tmp or so.

Install program

For a successful make install, you will have to set INSTALL to the correct install program, probably GNU install. On Linux, it is just called install, on Digital UNIX probably ginstall.
# Install program
AND will work nicely without (GNU) install, but you have to make simpleinstall instead of make install.

Compiling and Installing

Once the Makefile is adapted, the rest is easy:
# make
# make install
Compilation should work without warnings. If you do see any warnings, please let me know, and give me the details of your O/S, C compiler, C compiler version, AND version, and the complete output of make. You find my email adress in the Makefile.

You now might want to continue with the configuration instructions.
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